This time last week I was committed to buying and painting every issue of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. Then I had a small break painting Stormcast and now I want to quit the monthly magazine subscription. I go into detail as to why after the jump.

I have received 42 issues of Conquest. I've painted everything. I've enjoyed every moment. I've expanded my terrain collection with pieces I never thought I would buy, I've fallen in love with the amazing Death Guard sculpts and I've got over my scale issue with Primaris and painted a sizeable force of these models in a Dark Angels scheme.

With so many positives, why would I decide to stop now? Well, I've looked through the release information for issues 43-80 and there are only 5 models I really want. It's a handful of Plague Marine characters and the Repulsor Battle Tank. I could just go out and buy those now from a Games Workshop store.

Out of the remaining 36 issues, why are there so many I don't want? There are several reasons. Firstly some of those issues are paint. I have the paint i need for my colour schemes. I don't need a random supply drop of colours I don't require.

Secondly, old models! There are 10 space marine scout models, 6 plastic bikers and a Landspeeder. These models are old and dated. I've painted these before for previous armies. It's really hard to get excited over old plastic scouts when I've just painted Infiltrators from Shadowspear.

Thirdly, I already have a lot of the models that are due to come out. They're already in the Dark Imperium boxset which I own. I could just get that out and paint those models instead of buying the same models again on the magazine.

Fourthly and this isn't a reason but it's worth including is cost. 36 issues is £287.64 pence. I can just get the models I want for a fraction of that price and the rest of the money can go on really special stuff like Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard and his Deathshroud bodyguard.

In conclusion, that's it for me. I think I'd still be subscribed if it wasn't for those really old Space Marine models. However, no more monthly paint deadlines is liberating and I have a lot planned.

I'm currently expanding my Stormcast Army by painting the Evocators warband from Night Vault, This will be expanded with more Evocators from the Soul Wars set. For 40k I'm painting up the last few Dark Angel models to complete my odd sized squads and I still plan to finish the marines from Shadowspear, and not to forget my new Bloodbowl Team which I'm painting as part of Tale of Tuesdays.