Hello again, Uruk here with more Khorne goodies. Today I’m showcasing the first part of Wrath and Rapture (took me some time…) See you inside!

So the Wrath and Rapture box set came out like 6 months ago and I’ve only started working through the Khorne half of it in April. That’s still better than a lot of peoples’ backlogs, but pretty disappointing anyway.

The first models I grabbed were, of course, the new ones – Flesh Hounds and Karanak, who is the focus of today’s post. I really like what GW has done with this set. The redesign isn’t overly generic or „warcrafty” as I find a lot of newer models to be, and while a bit overdesigned as the CAD models tend to be, it works pretty well with the rest of the range.

The bodies of Flesh Hounds were made to share a lot of aesthetic cues with Bloodletters, now having a smooth skin with bumpy back and spinal crests, as well as similar shaped paws and claws.

As a teaser of what’s to come, here’s a quick phone pic of the first set of Flesh Hounds finished, and the second set is a WIP as I’m typing this post. You may have noticed there’s 6 dogs instead of 5 that you get on the sprues, that’s because I made sure to also grab the two Bloodbound variants – the one from Magore’s Fiends (Shadespire) and Korghos Khul’s (from AoS starter set) to complete the collection.

I hope you like my Hound of Vengeance and I’ll see you soon, hopefully with all the Flesh Hounds complete.