Remember this guy? Brother Sergeant Sevastus from the Space Marine Heroes Series 1, started before our Tale of Tuesdays Blood Bowl project. Here he is in all his blue and gold glory, which means three out of five models for Space Marine Adventures down. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Now, I already got a large Ultramarines collection, but for this model, I slightly updated my Ultramarines paint scheme. The basic recipe for the armour is the same as in my Ultramarines tutorial, while the base, metals, gold and leather follow the recipes of my Silver Skulls Kill Team.

A great model to hone my edge highlighting skills. Two more models to complete the Space Marine Adventures boxed game, an Imperial Fist and a Blood Angel. But for now, I'll concentrate on my Dark Elves Blitz Bowl team and finish the set later this year.

How do you like my updated Ultramarines paint scheme? Did you paint some of the Space Marine Heroes, too? Probably the last "old" Marine models we'll ever see... makes me a bit melancholic, how about you?