Hi all, Rich back again with the final installment of my Adeptus Custodes series. They have been really good fun to paint and I’m pleased how they look on the tabletop, with the blue contrasting nicely with the shiny gold armour.

Since last you saw Valdor I have added a unit of Wardens to the force, I didn’t anticipate buying them but when Apocalypse came along I realized I needed another elite choice for the vanguard detachment. The Warden models remind me of the quintessential Custodians, it was a lovely kit to put together and fun to paint too. I have assembled the minimum squad of three at the moment so I can play them and see how they go. At a later date, I can assemble a Vexilus Praetor (standard bearer) and/or a Shield Captain if I want to, or indeed another two Wardens for the unit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini series and I will be back in the near future with some more second edition inspired models, this time they won’t be wearing power armor.