"We create war!" I've finished my Iron Golem warband! That's another milestone achieved with project: 'paint everything in the Warcry boxset'. More pics after the jump.  

Hailing from the Ferrium Mountains in Chamon, my Warband named the Ferric Smiths are led by Garfic Everscorn a mighty Dominar who was taken out of action in his battle against the Untamed Beasts. Once his wounds had healed he returned for vengeance against the savages who laid him low, only spend four whole turns trudging through swamp (-1 movement twist card) the entire diagonal length of the battlefield to swing his mighty hammer once and miss.

Will Garfic ever prove himself worthy in the eyes of Archeon?

Perhaps he will be usurped by one of his "loyal' followers and take on the mantle of Dominar of the Ferric Smiths. Brock Bannor, a hulk of a man is ready to pass on his Signifer duties and step into the Iron Armour of his former leader.  

The Legionaries and their Armator, will follow the orders of anyone who is in charge. They are solid and reliable, especially when armed with a shield they become quite difficult for the enemy to take down.

Ulfric the Cruel has yet to live up to his namesake and failed to let his hammers taste the blood of the enemy. The swamp twist in the last battle saw this diminutive warrior's movement reduced to a sluggish 2" and his Hammer Battle Group mean't he was set up in a very far away corner. He plans on hitting the anvil soon to come up with an invention he calls skroller skates.

So much fun with this project. Now to paint the Untamed Beasts!