Hey guys, it's been a bit quiet from me "thanks" to a combination of hot weather, outdoor activities and a slight lack of hobby time. But I'm chugging along with my Dark Elves team for our #taleoftuesdays project and also started working on this Vanguard Librarian (or Prognosticar as they are called within the Silver Skulls chapter) to bolster up my Silver Skulls Kill Team with an HQ choice. Silver Skulls wear dark metallic silver armour, so I thought it would be cool and a bit novel to paint the Librarian's armour with a metallic blue as well. It's a basecoat of Vallejo Mecha Colour Metallic Blue (the metal paints of this range are fantastic, they are acrylic based, super smooth, boast great coverage and work with both brush and airbrush), an all-over wash of 2:1 Nuln Oil Gloss and Drakenhof Nightshade plus a gentle drybrush of Metallic Blue and a bit of Vallejo Mecha Color Light Steel [Stormhost Silver].

I thought of painting his coat in a classic bone/linen colour instead of camouflage, but I'm not completely sure as the rules clearly state Vanguard Librarians have camo cloaks. What do you think - bone or camouflage?