Games Workshop have kindly sent me an early release copy of Beastgrave to open up and do my hobby thing with. Check out my unboxing video after the jump.

Since filming my unboxing (on Thursday) Warhammer Community have been sharing lots of details on the new game. They've also updated the Underworlds' website with all the new Beastgrave content including an updated deck builder with all the new cards. So there aren't any surprises in my video if you were hoping screen capture the cards. It's worth a watch as I meticulously disseminate the contents of the box and share my thoughts and initial impressions.

I've managed to assemble all the models and I must say the sculpts are incredible. Skaeth's Wild Hunt are dynamic and fluid. They look superfast with their sprinting, acrobatic poses. Grashrak's Despoilers have a  brutal, menacing feel and I think I'm leaning towards them as being my Warband.

I've had a read of the rules since making the video and also played a quick trial turn with my wife. We didn't have time for a full game (my two-year-old had other ideas) but I like the rule changes and additions. Especially like it that the winner of the roll-off decides which player chooses the first game board. I also like the change to the guard action. You cant be pushed if you're on guard. Holding objectives just got easier.  In our trial, I really liked placing the new Lethal Hex tokens. We didn't achieve much in our very short game but my wife killed one of my Kurnothi with Grashrak, made three charges to score one of her objective cards and held an objective. I accomplished nothing. 3-0 to the missus!

If you'd like to learn the rules, I recommend the video below. It's easy to follow and pretty comprehensive.

My next step is to play more games and start painting the models. I'll be sharing tutorials so make sure you bookmark this blog or follow me on instagram or twitter or Instagram for notifications.

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