And here he is, Brother Dolor from the Space Marine Heroes Series 1 (or Brother Gabriel, as he is known in the Space Marine Adventures game). This model was very enjoyable to paint, great for honing my edge highlighting skills. Check out more models after the jump.

I still enjoy painting and collecting classic Marines. It makes me a bit melancholic that the Space Marine Heroes Series 1 were probably the last non-Primaris power armoured models that Games Workshop has released.

This model painted up rather quickly, thanks to a basecoat of The Army Painter Dragon Red colour primer, which was basically the main colour done in one go. As requested I'm gonna do a short tutorial for painting Blood Angels armour soon, stay tuned!

Only one more model to complete the Space Marine Adventures game... how do you like Brother Dolor/Gabriel? Did you collect Space Marine Heroes, too? Leave a comment or reaction below!