Hey there, here is my next project: a box of Myrmourn Banshees, which became a warband in in the Warhammer Underworlds Dreadfane boxed set.

Coming up with a paint scheme for the Banshees was pretty difficult. I knew I wanted a similar fast and effective approach as my Chainrasps (which were inspired by Tyler Mengel's fantastic Nighthaunts collection), but purple instead of green. I experimented with several mixes of Contrast Medium, Lahmian Medium, Magos Purple and Warpaints Purple Tone Ink over Corax White primer, but it all looked very patchy and uneven. I had to strip them all and start anew. In the end, I went for a zenithal highlight approach, with some additional purple glazes and a white drybrush. The corset and base details were alle basecoated with contrast paints plus additional highlights.

What do you think?