If you've been following my recently weekly posts you'll have noticed a different project each week. Before 2019 is over I want to finish all the projects that are undercoated on my desk. A few weeks ago it worked out to be 9 projects with nine weeks left in the year. That seemed like a sign to me so I made the pledge. After the jump check out how the list is doing. 

So as of today I have 5 weeks and 5 days of the year left with 4 projects remaining. I'm working on the 3 Evocators this week and hoping to get them done by Sunday.  I'm not sure what to paint next week. I'm kinda putting off the Infiltrators because I know they are going to take longer than a week. I think I might paint the 2 Liberators, If I can finish those early  can give myself a bit of extra time on the Infiltrators. 

I enjoyed painting these two Dark Angels. I really wish I'd used hooded heads for them but oh well.  They're great models, I really like them. That classic looking Bolter with sickle mag is so iconic. 

Once I've painted the 5 Infiltrators I'll have 2400pts of painted Primaris Dark Angels. I have an Invictor Warsuit in the box to work on but that'll have to wait until I finish the list above.