I'm on a mission. I'm going to smash all my unfinished projects like an Inceptor making an orbital drop on a mob of Orks. I'm firing on full auto at the moment as cut through projects in rapid succession. I'm painting at least one project a week. After the jump see more shots the Inceptor unit and I'll share 'The List' with you. 

So here's 'The List'. I started it a couple of weeks ago as there are just under 7 weeks left to the end of the year now. In the first two weeks I got three projects done. This week I'm painting the Lieutenant and Captain. Getting another two project done in a week will leave me 4 projects to do in 6 weeks. Feeling pretty good about this so far. 

What do you think, can I get it all done and start 2020 a fresh? Or do you think I'll get distracted by something new and shiny?  Let me know in the comments.