After the jump I share some close ups of my Hellblasters and give some tips on how I painted the heat effects on the weapon muzzles and how I paint the freehand icons. 

Looking at the above picture I'm wondering if these Dark Angels have mistaken the black armour of Abaddon's troops for the Fallen?

ToP TIP: The heat effects represent the metal of the muzzle changing appearance due to extreme heat. You see it on pipes that have been welded or exhausts. I used Contrast Paints to achieve the effect. First paint your barrel silver once dry paint the end with Contrast Nazdreg Yellow. Once that's dry paint on Contrast Volupus Pink on the end making sure to leave some Nazdreg Yellow still showing. Finally, paint the end with Arkhelian Green making sure to leave the previous two layers showing. 

For the freehand icons. Water down some Croak White onto your mixing palette. Using a size 1 or 0 brush with a good point paint a semi circle on the shoulder pad. Repeat this until the colour is solid and not patchy. Let each layer dry before applying another coat. Using Caliban Green paint a vertical line through the middle of the white semi circle. Then paint a Caliban Green semi circle in the top centre of the white semi circle. Paint a white cross for the sword in the middle of the shoulder pad. Finally, using Caliban Green paint three small square on each white wing to block out the feathers. 

For more guides on how to paint Dark Angels check out this link. Check back soon, when I share my completed Inceptors.

If you made it this far, well done and thank you. Now go back to the top and see if you can find the hidden Assassin in this post.