My weekly hobby deadline project is going well and I completed the three Evocators I shared in my last post. After the jump I want to chat about how I use colours to organise my Chambers.

Before I get on with talking about my Stormcast organisation, I just wanted to mention that this unit of Evocators is made up out of the three models you get in Soul Wars and the two Evocators from the Underworlds: Night Vault game. Using the Warhammer Azyr Army Builder app a legal size unit of Evocators is 5. You can field less but you pay the points for five. I'm happy to add a legal sized unit to my Stormcast Army.

Which is a perfect segway to talk about the army. This unique looking army are called the Primal Kings. The souls that make up the warriors of the Primal Kings originate from Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. Humans who have an affinity with the animals of the realm that display courageous acts of valour are often plucked from their moments of death by Sigmar and reforged into Primal Kings.

To organise the Chambers of the Primal Kings I take a leaf out of the Space Marine Codex and change the colour of the shoulder pads. But instead of introducing new colours I keep the same colour palette and move the colours about. My colours are grey, yellow, white and purple and the shoulder pads are made up any two of these colours giving me numerous colour combinations. So my Warrior Chamber is yellow with grey trim. My Extremis Chamber is grey with Yellow trim. My Vanguard Chamber is White with grey trim and my Sacrosanct Chamber is Purple with grey trim. Moving the colours about creates a definition within the army but isn't drastic. It still looks like a unified force.

I take this colour coding one step further with the command. Rank and file have yellow helmets. Primes who lead the units have silver helmets.

My Lord's (only have one) has a gold helmet. A special exception to this rule is the Lord Relictor who has a unique white helmet. For the moment, I've kept my Knight helmets yellow. But I'm thinking I might repaint these as another metallic colour like bronze. But then I think the primes should be bronze, then the knights are silver and the lords are gold... I might be doing some repainting soon.