Finally, the beast has been conquered. Here is my Land Raider Crusader for my classic non-Primaris Ultramarines collection. This model has been sitting in my pile of shame for years, as far as I remember I bought the model around 5th Edition before of one of GW infamous price rises, when RRP was around 45 Euro (nowadays it's 60 Euro for such an old kit, lol). It's a big, old, ill-fitting kit, and yet it looks freaking impressive bristled with all its guns pointed at you. More pictures after the jump.

Painting took about 4 weeks, assembling like 4 or 5 days. I painted the model in lots of sub-assemblies to retain my sanity. Thankfully, most of the highlights are drybrushed, otherwise I would have needed double the time.

Most of the transfers are from the Ultramarines A4 transfer sheet GW released years ago. As the Land Raider is supposed to transport my Close Combat Terminator Squad into the heart of the enemy, its markings denote it as a vehicle of the 1st Company.

The gunner is supposed to be a Veteran of the 1st company, hence the white helmet. I used a shoulder pad from the Sternguard kit, while the helmet and studded shoulder pad are from the Forge World MkV set. You rarely see MkV armour on Space Marines, as it's only available from Forge World, and it also looks super brutal with all the studs, hence I thought it was a great fit for a Land Raider. The gunner also adds a sense of scale to the model.

Really happy I finished this centrepiece model after years of neglegtion. While the kit is old, I still prefer the Land Raider's proportions and minimalist design over the more busy Repulsor variants. What do you think?

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