Hey everyone, Spaceshrimp here with my first Underworlds war band post for Tale of Tuesdays. Journey with me into the depths of the mirrored city...

My Achilles heel of painting used to be flesh. Specifically, I could never make skin look "soft" and my colour choices would be off, resulting in strange artificial plastic-looking skin. Think action man orange skin... yeah not a good look. It took lots of practice, looking at many tutorials and using actual source photos of people to even begin to make any improvement. My skin is by no means perfect now, but my god when I compare it to models I was painting even two years ago, I am very happy with the progress.

The new darker flesh tones from GW are really something special. I used Catachan Flesh as the base tone, it took a couple of coats to get on smooth but this is because I started from an undercoat Wraithbone. I then Painted Nuln Oil directly into the recesses and around the belts and straps to give depth to the flesh. Next, a few layers of Catachan and Blood Reaver going up to a 50/50 mix for soft highlights, finishing with pure Gorthor Brown for edges.

I tried a more tanned approach on Shond. I started painting the flesh exactly like Jagathras, but then I used Skeleton Horde contrast as a glaze right at the end. It was 100% like painting on a fake tan, really quite amusing to do, but effective! I also tried a beard/shaved head look, his hair just sitting on top of his head looked a little isolated and odd to me. I really love this war band, I remember when it first came out I was so excited as it was such an interesting, more feral take on Chaos. A true herald for the awesome aesthetics of WarCry. I am super looking forward to painting Theddra Skull-Scryer and Grawl, and can't wait to update you next month with my finished war band.

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