The Bloodbowl Tale of Tuesday's series is finished, so it's time to kick off another series this coming Tuesday. If you're unfamiliar with Tale of Tuesdays it where four bloggers spend four months working on a small predetermined side project. For the Bloodbowl series we had to paint a team split across four months. Each blogger posting three models once a month to complete the 12 models over the four month period. The new series is going to be Warhammer Underworlds. There isn' a warband with 12 models so we've decided over the four month period to paint two warbands! That means each month each blogger will paint half a warband. More after the jump.

Once again we'll be opening this up to you, the readers. To get involved all you have to do is share the Warhammer Underworlds Warbands you're painting on social media using the #TaleofTuesdays.

You might be asking yourself "why so long to paint two warbands? I can do that in a weekend!" The idea with Tale fo Tuesdays is to complete small side projects alongside our bigger projects. Once a month I can spend a week painting half a warband, leaving me the rest of the month to paint my Stormcast of my Dark Angels. So if you're a fast painter, Tale of Tuesdays is a good side hustle to squeeze a small project in. If you're a slow painter or never complete a project it's a large amount of time to focus on one thing and have the motivation of others doing the same painting along. It works for everyone!

Today's post from me is a work in progress. My first warband for Tale of Tuesdays will be Grashrak's Despoilers from the Beastgrave boxed game. I need to complete and post half of the models this Tuesday. I've chosen to start with Draknar the Bestigor and two of the Ungors Gnarl and Murghoth Half-horn. They're coming along, just small details like wraps, bandages and teeth to paint. They're quite dark so I might go over the skin and lighten it a little.

This war herd features some amazing sculpting. Lots of details have been worked into such tiny models. Sometimes, the amount of detail on a model can put me off painting it but having the #TaleofTuesdays monthly deadline is really motivating me to crack on and get them finished. Check back on Tuesday to see the first three models done... I hope.