So I have this Land Raider Crusader I bought years ago (I think it was around 2012 before the price increase from 45 Euro to 50 Euro – nowadays it's 65 Euro lol), and year after year I vow in my hobby resolutions posts to finally paint it. Finally, the time has come. Don't care for Repulsors or Impulsors, give me the iconic Land Raider instead. It's actually the first Land Raider I painted in over 20 years of hobbying, can you believe it?

The kit really shows its age. Fit is bad, there are lots of mould lines, and some of the details are probably worn out in the mould. Assembly was a chore, but I soldiered on and painted the main hull. There are a lot of extra pieces to paint, hatchets, turrets, frag and smoke launchers, so I think the model will keep me busy for a couple weeks. But in the end, I'll be able to add a cool centrepiece and transport option for my classic Ultramarines Close Combat Terminators. What do you think? How many Land Raiders did you paint in your hobby career?