Month 1 of #taleoftuesdays Underworld edition has concluded. A couple of talented painters from the Warhammer community joined us on our path to paint two warbands in four months. Check out their must-see warbands after the jump.

First, we have this fully painted Beastmen warband with lots of gory blood splatter effects by seb.jeziroski. Well done!

Seb seems to be very fond of blood and gore, as he also painted Garrek's Reivers:

croft_jodie shares a glimpse on his Ironskull's Boyz in a classic "Bad Moon" yellow paint scheme:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jodie Croft (@croft_jodie) am

Not only that, he also painted the new Grymwatch warband in sickening hues of green:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jodie Croft (@croft_jodie) am

TheSlowestPainter just started working on his Cursebreakers, so leave him some motivational comments to help him get his work done ;)

Last but not least we have this fantastic Mob of Mollog by gawfang. I especially adore the lovely hues of purple on the critters:

What's that, you want to get involved? 

You can still join us in the Underworld by sharing your warbands' progress on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram or facebook) using the hashtags:

#taleoftuesdays #taleofpainters #paintyourgames

Make sure your account is public (in case of Facebook, set your #taleoftuesdays posts to public).

We'll round up all your posts and share them at the end of each month. From all of your warbands that were painted during Tale of Tuesdays, we pick our favourite warband to win a Wayland Games or Element Games voucher for an Underworld warband box of your choice so you can start painting another warband right away.