Hi all, welcome back to Tale of Tuesdays where I have a brand new war band to share with you.

Getting hobby done over the festive period seems to go one of two ways for me. Either I am leisurely painting miniatures midday (midweek!) without a care in the world, or I am flapping around like a bat squig. Alas, it was the latter for me recently and all hobby productivity went out the window. However, here we are two weeks into 2020 and I have painted up a major portion of this warband. Hurrah! It feels good to get some paint on some miniatures.

I went for a really classic "human" skin tone approach for this warband, really trying to emphasise the Beast-man aspect. My colour scheme on the main two is really safe, not pushing any boundaries with colours or techniques but I really enjoyed painting them. They are amazing sculpts, a lot of detail but not overwhelming. I have always had a soft spot for Beastmen, and I was worried that the range was up for the chop at one point. So totally over the moon to see new models for them after all these years, we just need more right folks?

I tried to mix up the skin tones a little bit on the Ungor for a bit of variety...to varying degrees of success. I wanted a light-skinned, red-furred one, but I think I have gone too red and need to dial it back in. The idea behind having a mix of fur colours apart from the visual intrigue is so that they will fit nicely into my slowly growing all-herd Beasts of Chaos army. I seem to be on a really big Ghur/feral hype train recently. So much so that I feel an Armies on Parade board brewing...

Here is a bonus pic of my Bray-Shaman casting an endless spell, I sometimes forget how massive the models for endless spells are. On a totally non-painting side note, I really really love the card art for this warband. The rich glowing blue background really makes the characters stand out and the border is awesome. My only ever tiny complaint about Shadespire is that for a card collecting game, the cards never felt premium enough (to me) but this feels like a step in the right direction. Seriously go check them out and compare, they are lush!

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