And here they are: My Ironsoul's Condemnors, painted in the livery of the Stormblood Guard. That wraps it up for Tale of Tuesdays Warhammer Underworlds edition. Four hobbyists painting 8 9 warbands in four months, and lots of readers joining us along the way. Check out another shot of my Stormcasts (plus all the paint recipes) after the jump.

I'm really happy with how my paint scheme turned out. I consulted the Battletome and settled for the classic silver-gold-red combination of the Stormblood Guard. I couldn't help myself to add my own spin to this paint scheme, so I made the silver a bit warmer, the gold a bit paler, and the red more crimson. I relied a lot on Contrast paints and washed to establish the base colours and shading, then mixed an appropriate colour to layer over any areas where the Contrast paint or wash pooled in an unsightly way before I added some highlights. I found this way you can get the most out of Contrast paints while still saving a lot of time.

Here are my recipes:

Wraithbone Primer

Masonry: VMC German Grey, wash with Basilicanum Grey, drybrush with Mechanicus Standard Grey, TAP Filthy Cape, Longbeard Grey
Texture:  Mechanicus Standard Grey, drybrush with Longbeard Grey, wash with 1:1 TAP Dark Tone / Strong Tone Ink
Leaves: Knarloc Green, wash with Creed Camo, highlight with Elysian Green
Rim: VMC Black

Azyrite armour and gold
Basecoat P3 Radiant Platinum
Wash with 1:1 Contrast Medium / Dark Tone Ink
Basecoat gold with Liberator Gold
Wash with 1:1 Reikland Fleshshade / Gloss
Drybrush both armour and gold with Scale75 Speed Metal

Wash with two layers of VMC Black Ink
Highlight with Mechanicus Standard Grey

Red robes and armour panels
2 layers of Flesh Tearers Red
Smooth the result with a mix of Gal Vorbak Red / Mephiston Red / Flesh Tearers Red
Robes: Highlights with 1:1 Wazdakka Red / Mephiston Red, Pink Horror
Pteruges: Highlights with Pink Horror, TAP Scar Tissue
Shoulder panel and shield: Highlights with Pink Horror, TAP Centaur Skin
Silver Buttons: Iron Warriors, highlight Scale75 Thrash Metal

Purple details
2 layers Volupus Pink
Highlight Emperors' Children

Cygor Brown
Highlight: P3 Beast Hide

Beige robes
Wash with 3:2 Agrax Earthshade / Lahmian Medium
Smooth the result with a mix of Dheneb Stone / P3 Jack Bone / Wraithbone
Highlight with RMC Polished Bone

Crystal flacons
Corax White
Wash with Nihilakh Oxide
Selective shading with P3 Turquoise Ink
Highlights with Corax White, VMC White
Mounting: Incubi Darkness, highlight with VGC Jade Green

Dark Metal
VMechaC Mecha Steel
Wash with 1:1 Dark Tone Ink / Nuln Oil Gloss
Drybrush Scale75 Thrash Metal

I also signed up for the early-access version of Warhammer Underworlds on Steam. While the amount of Warbands and cards is still pretty limited, the graphics and animations are fantastic and the game really helped me to come to grips with all the rules, so maybe I'll feel comfortable enough to enter a local tournament at some point.

Make sure to check back next Tuesday when we have a look at all our readers' entries and choose our favourite warband to win a Wayland Games or Element Games voucher for an Underworld warband box of their choice.

That means there is still one week left to enter your warband, so don't forget to use the following hashtags on social media platforms (twitter, Instagram or facebook), if you want to paint along with us:

#taleoftuesdays #taleofpainters #paintyourgames

Make sure your account is public (in case of facebook, set your #taleoftuesdays posts to public).

From all of your warbands that were painted during Tale of Tuesdays, we pick our favourite warband to win a Wayland Games or Element Games voucher for an Underworld warband box of your choice so you can start painting another warband right away.