Hi folks, it's Uruk back with another small showcase. This time it's a new HQ for my World Eaters army. More inside.

For some time now I wanted an ultimate, multitask Chaos Lord for my army but only had the old metal one (fur cape and big axe, you know the one). Some time ago an opportunity finally presented itself when a few of my friends decided to do a two-week challenge - convert and paint up a new model for your army. It was the encouragement I needed to finally get some stuff done.

I bought Haarken Worldclaimer to use as a base of my conversion, along with a set of Kromlech Chaos Legionary Jump Packs - they have amazing detail and fit really well with the old metal Raptor jump packs I used before for my WE Raptors/flying Zerkers.

The model is fully magnetized, both arms can be swapped out as well as the jump pack - I feel his leaping pose could probably even work for a regular foot character. Hope you like him!