Next up is something completely different, a Goliath Gang made up of the current generation models. Long-time readers of this blog might remember that I lately finished painting a complete set of classic Necromunda cardboard/bulkhead buildings, and also own a painted classic Escher gang with all 20 metal sculpts. Now I want to expand into the new Necromunda model range, and I ended up with a Goliath gang, which are probably my favourite models of the new generation. Usually, I'm more drawn towards elegant factions, so it should be fun challenge to paint more blunt and brutish models.

I'll start with a set of five, that I might expand into a gang of 10 and maybe some extras later. I added a couple of Forge World accessories for some variety, and made sure that most weapons are compatible with the old classic ruleset, at least with some "counts as" – stub cannons could be shotguns, the spud-jacker a maul, the renderizer might be a bit of a stretch but looks way too cool, maybe it could count as a power axe.

Painting-wise, I want to keep them fairly dark, with darker skin tones, black armour, lots of greasy metal and some red accents. Stay tuned :)