Work on the last 5 models of my Slaves to Darkness force is fully underway. As you can see I’m batch painting all 5 Chaos Knights at the same time, it’s a bit of a grind but I’m getting through it. After the jump I’ll show you an army picture of the rest of the force and my army list. 

The picture above is missing the last 5 Chaos Knights I’m working on but I thought it would still be awesome to share what I’ve painted since Autumn last year when they released Warcry. Incredible to think all this came from playing a skirmish game. 

As you can see my collection is an invalid 2000pt match play list because it’s 20pts too much. I’m hoping in the next Generals’ Handbook release they drop the points of some Chaos Units. 10pts off of Chaos Knights will do it. To play the list as it is in a matched play game I’d ditch the Raptoryx and spend the left over points on a command point.