He came back from the dead, in this case even literally. Chief Librarian Mephiston made me do it, I had to remove paint for the first time ever. If you wanna know what happened here and if I drank the paint remover afterwards... read more after the jump ;)

Chapter I: Curiosity killed the cat
The whole party started when I asked myself: Can you work with tinted metal colours just like you would do with regular paints and paint a sword this way? So I prepared some light, mid and dark metal colors by mixing them with inks and thought that would do the trick. Spoiler: wetblending metal colours made for airbrushes with the brush is a losing game. You can create a great variety of interesting patterns this way, but blending just like you know it becomes a walk on pudding. So after a couple of layers of failed experiments, I had to start again.

Chapter II: From the Ashes
Heavy-hearted I drowned him in rubbing alcohol and went back to some more usual approaches (like painting solid metals and then going with inks on top) and the guy became actually fun to paint. Different intensities and highlights of red and black were used to have him stand out from the rest just a little bit. Another little tweak are the darker shoulder pads and the swap from blue energy weapons to green ones, in my opinion, green complements the deep red a lot better.

What do you think about the smaller and larger changes? Have you ever started a mini all over again?