I can't help it, but I still like painting classic Space Marines. I didn't own a solo Techmarine yet, and when I saw it on ebay I just couldn't pass it up. I really enjoy this Jes Goodwin sculpt that came in a Company Command Squad box just a month before 3rd Edition, so it's even older than the Chaplain I'm painting for Garfy's and my old vs new project. Prepare for some #oldhammer... or should we coin the term #classichammer for classic Marines?

The backpack is even older than the body, it comes straight from the 2nd Edition era Techmarine sculpts. It was quite a rough cast, seems like the moulds and/or the master model must have really worn out.

Originally, the model came on a 25mm base of course, but I upgraded it for a "modern" 32mm base. Scale-wise, the model is a bit on the small side when it comes to classic Space Marines, it was kind of a transition model between the smaller 2nd Ed era models and the redesigned 3rd Edition models. 3rd Edition was the time when the first proper modern multipart Tactical Squad kit was released, which laid the groundwork for all "firstborn" Space Marines to come until the heralding of the Primaris range. I like to glue small pieces of 1 mm plasticard underneath the feet of older models, this brings them closer to the eye level of more modern miniatures.

And, for comparison's sake, my Thundercannon with Techmarine gunner. I think the 4th/5th Edition era Techmarines were a bit over the top for regular rank-and-file Techmarines. They'd make nice Masters of the Forges, though, though he's no longer included in the codices.

How do you like my classic Techmarine? What are your #oldhammer guilty pleasures to paint and collect?