Hello!, It's Arkaan here. Not much time passed and I found my way back here ^_^ Today I'm happy to present my version of The Wurmspat, and oh boy, absolutely fantastic minis they are indeed. Super fun to paint and experiment on. 

I started with the dirty clothes. I basecoated the rags with  Zandri Dust and the leather with Mournfang Brown and then went for a splattering effect, using cheap flat brushes and a toothpick, first with Seraphim Sepia, then Agrax Earthshade and a little of Nuln Oil. After that I blended and shaded everything with Agrax Earhshade over the clothes. For the final touches, I used Ushabti Bone on the rags to add a few highlights here and there and Skrag Brown to add a little texture to the old leather. 

After the clothes were finished, I proceeded to the flesh which I basecoated with Cadian Flesh. After that came Reikland Fleshshade, Plaguebearers Flesh and Druchii Violet, mixing and blending them right on the models :) For highlights I used Cadian Fleshtone and Flayed One Flesh. Next step were the metals, Runelord Brass with Agrax Earthshade and Leadbelcher with Nuln Oil. The brass parts were then treated with Nihilakh Oxide for some oxidation and Biel-Tan Green for some mould. The iron parts like the helmets, belly piece on the knight, and axes were sponged with rust: Skrag Brown, Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright. All the metals were then highlighted with VGC Air Steel. 

Details like the rotting heads, skulls and bones ware all base coated with Rakarth flesh and shaded with different washes: Plagebeareres Flesh for rotting heads, Skeleton Horde for skulls and Seraphim Sepia for spiky bone parts. And then highlighted to add contrast. 

The bases and the cat ware pre-shaded with an airbrush and then colourized with different washes, the cat, for example, is mainly Plaguebearers Flesh but the face is Reikland Fleshshade and the feet received Darkenhoff Nightshade to imitate some gangrene. Then I did some final highlights where needed. For the final touches I've added some goo on the weapons and bases, it's UHU glue mixed with Plaguebearers Flesh.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity to show off my work here on Tale of Painters!

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