Last week I painted this Khorne Daemon Warcry Warband. I used models from the Wrath and Rapture boxed game to make this 1000pt Warcry Warband. I thought I’d lay down my Warcry and Age of Sigmar plans in this blogpost, kinda like a project blueprint for me to follow. 

Quick recap about my 2000pt Slaves to Darkness Chaos Army. That was created from three Warcry Warband collections: Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts and Slaves to Darkness Warband, as well as an Allied Chimera, Ogroid Myrmidon, Sorcerer Lord, Darkoath Queen and a few other units. 

I love playing Warcry and I love painting Warbands, Monsters and Mercenaries, so I really wanted to paint more Chaos models to expand my collection. I quickly decided on Daemons. I thought a 2000pt Chaos Daemon army would be a great addition (or rival) to my Slaves to Darkness Army. There was an Age of Sigmar expansion book released at the beginning of 2020 called Wrath of the Everchosen and it includes an army list called Legion of Chaos Ascendant and allows you to field all four Chaos Daemon Gods as a single list. This is perfect for me as I want to collect all four Chaos Daemon Warcry Warbands. 

I also want to add all four Greater Daemons to the army. It’s a bit of a squeeze but I think 2000pts is doable.

I decided to start with Khorne because they are half of the Wrath and Rapture boxed game and my Slaves to Darkness are allied to Khorne. You’ll notice I’ve painted the Juggernaut the same way as the armour in my Slaves to Darkness. 

The next step is to fill out the Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds and Juggernauts into legal Age of Sigmar unit sizes. Then I’ll need to purchase a Bloodthirster to finish this quarter of the army before moving on to another Chaos God.  

Check back soon when I share a tutorial on how to paint the molten blades that my Bloodletters carry.