Tale of Painters is a blog FOR hobbyists run BY hobbyists in our spare time. We're blogging since 2011 without a break and bring you model showcases, reviews and tutorials on an almost daily basis.

Now we're working on the next major site update. We will migrate from our blogging platform Blogger to WordPress on our own dedicated webspace. That means new powerful features, easier and more comfortable navigation, and a modernised design. We're also gonna back it up with new series like ToP tips, more reviews and painting guides, and, planned for 2021, more video content. An don't worry, all existing content will be transferred. 

But to make it all come true we need your help. Hosting the blog by ourselves means monthly recurring costs, and we need to buy all the required WordPress templates and plugins, which will be about 200 Euro alone (not to say the endless hours of work that will be put into the new website). 

Therefore, Stahly started a new Patreon account, where you can support our costs with a monthly membership so we can continue to grow Tale of Painters. It starts at only 1,49 Euro + VAT, and in turn, you'll get access to exclusive sneak peeks, Patreon shoutouts and, optionally, regular WIP updates straight from Stahly's paint station. If you don't have a Patreon account, you can send us a donation with Paypal. Even just a few patrons and donations will help us a lot, so why not be the first to join.

Also, you could order your next hobby purchases at Wayland Games or Element Games. Both offer fantastic discounts on GW products and free shipping to the UK and all of Europe. Use our affiliate links and we'll get a small kickback. A great way to support Tale of Painters with no extra costs to you at all!

We hope you all stay safe in these times. Your support means the world to us, and we are excited to share an exciting hobby future for Tale of Painters with you soon!