Welcome to today’s blog post where I’m going to share my finished Eradicators. I managed to get these three models finished in a week. My weekly self imposed deadline is really helping me get through the backlog! After the jump I share a some close ups as well as a group shot of all the Indomitus Primaris Marines I’ve painted so far.


I added a Dark Angel tilt shield and hooded head to the unit’s Sergeant to make him stand out a little. I also added a few skulls to the bases. You can never have enough skulls in 40K.  

There are so many edges on the Gravis Amour, it took me 3 days just to paint the armour on these, luckily they’re 90% armour so there wasn’t much more to do once that was done. 

I’m really pleased with my Dark Angel freehand symbols. They’re neat but more importantly they’re identical on three models. 

Here’s the group shot! I just have the Ravenwing Outriders and 10 Assault Intercessers left to paint to complete the Astartes half of the Indomitus launch box set. 11 models painted so far doesn’t seem like much but I’m trying to make these as good as I can with carefully blended armour, freehand icons, NMM style power swords. I’m really proud of them so far.