These Skorpekh Destroyers are happily slaughtering Ultramarines in a whirlwind of hyperphase weaponry. I really enjoyed painting these and it’s got me thinking about army building. More on this after the jump. 

When I received the Indomitus set I thought I’d paint a few Necrons here and there, but mainly I was interested in expanding my Dark Angel army, but now I’m thinking of concentrating on the Necrons and aiming for 2000pt of painted army. 

It’s weird how a few painted models here and there can all of a sudden grow into a sizeable force. I’ve settled into the paint scheme and I’m at the point where I can comfortably batch paint the scheme quickly now, which is handy because I have 20 Necron Warriors and 6 Scarab Swarms left to paint. 

With just Warriors and Scarabs left to paint I guess it’s time to start to thinking about what to add next? I could buy more starter sets and bulk out on Warriors and add some Monoliths. Or maybe I go down the Destroyer cult route and add Ophydian, Hexmark and Lokhust Heavy Destroyers. And then of course there is the Silent King, he’d make a truly amazing centre piece. So many amazing choices. 

Here’s my little army so far. Basically I’ve painted all the hard to paint models from Indomitus first (and a Void Dragon) leaving the easier Scarabs and Warriors left to do. I guess I had better order the new Codex.