Huge gaps on your models can look unsightly and spoil your hard work you put into your paint job. In today’s ToP TIP I’m going to share how you can get a better fit with your models after the jump. 

Easy to Build Citadel Miniatures are aimed at new hobbyists. Some hobbyists will know these as push-fit. These models don’t require glue as they use pegs and holes. The tolerance on these connectors is very tight. If you add glue to the peg and then push the parts together the glue has nowhere to go and it makes it very difficult to push the two parts together.  

Use your clippers to snip a little off all the pegs.

Luckily the fix is very simple. Just use your model clippers to snip off a few millimetres from all the pegs. This will leave a cavity to allow the peg and the glue to now fit in the hole. You can of course snip off the peg completely and just glue the edges of the model together. 

The halves now meet. The glue seem can be scraped off once dry.

Quick scrape with a scalpel and now all that’s left is to smooth it with green stuff, but that’s a ToP TIP for another time.

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