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Founding: October 2011
Updates: daily
Monthly page impressions: 190,000 on average
Daily page impressions: 5,000 to 7,500 on average
Facebook friends: over 2,600
Blogger followers: over 1,300
RSS feed subscribers: over 1,200
Audience: United States (30.1%), UK (27.2%), Germany/Austria (14.5%), Australia (10.5%), Canada (4.1%), Spain/France/Sweden/other Western European countries (6.9%), Poland (2,7%), Russa (1.8%), rest of the world (1.8%)

Interested in advertising on Tale of Painters? To get in touch please contact Tale of Painter's admin Stahly by writing to richard.van.skinny(at)gmail(dot)com.

Review samples

We are also looking for free samples of hobby related products to review. Assure hobbyists of the quality of your product and make it more popular by an honest and well-presented review post on Tale of Painters. Some examples for our excellent coverage are the review we did for The Army Painter's Warpaints, the review of the new Citadel paint range by Games Workshop or the review of the Kaiser2 by KR Multicase.

Do you got an interesting product for us to review? To get in touch please contact Tale of Painter's admin Stahly by writing to richard.van.skinny(at)gmail(dot)com.


Tale of Painters started in April 2010 as the personal project blog of Stahly, longtime author at Brückenkopf, the biggest German tabletop news page. In October 2011, Garfy, Sigur and Rev joined and Tale of Painters was founded. Since then, we publish daily updates of WIP models directly from our paint stations, beautiful showcases of finished models, in-depth painting and modelling tutorials and useful reviews of hobby related products and books, covering almost all of Games Workshop's game systems. We also run the Tale of Painters Blog Network - a link and banner exchange over 350 blogs already became part of and one of the biggest tabletop blog exchanges around the internet.